Improving energy potential

C-PACE enables investment and reinvestment in the energy savings and renewable energy potential of Montgomery County’s commercial buildings.

C-PACE Enables Investment

Long payback periods

Repayment terms generally match the useful life of equipment, which is typically 15-20 years for most measures.


Commercial PACE can be applied to almost any energy saving improvement for commercial properties of all types.

Zero Down

100% up-front funding for the energy saving and renewable energy portions of retrofits and new construction.

works with tax credits & grants

C-PACE financed project economics are frequently improved by incorporation of tax credits, grants and other incentives.

Eligible properties include:

  • Commercial

  • Multifamily (5+units)

  • Non-profits

  • Industrial

  • Retail

  • Mixed use

  • Historic/adaptive reuse

  • And more…

Eligible C-PACE measures include:

  • Building envelope

  • Windows and door systems

  • Automated energy controls

  • HVAC

  • LED lighting

  • Energy recovery systems

  • Electrical motor vehicle charging systems

  • Water conservation

  • Renewable energy generation

  • And more…

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